Colour Selection Tips

Choosing a colour for your joinery requires careful thought as it influences the overall appearance of your home. There are numerous options available and the choice is usually influenced by a number of factors, including the colour of the cladding and the interior colour schemes.

Colour Selection Suggestions
  • For a joinery colour that complements the house cladding it is common to choose a tone a few shades up or down from the cladding colour.
  • Choosing the same colour as the house can give a very clean look, especially in white or cream tones.
  • Remember, however, that the colour of joinery you choose now may limit options in the future if you want a change of house colour.
  • Contrasting joinery colours are popular and darker natural tones, silver and black are often chosen.
  • Dark or black joinery against a light coloured house, especially in a plaster finish, can look very sharp and attractive.
  • Matching the joinery colour to the roof or fascia for a unified look is also popular.
  • It is important to remember that the joinery colour impacts on the inside view and so can influence interior colour schemes.  A good option can be to choose a neutral joinery colour that preserves flexibility for interior selections e.g white, cream, grey, taupe, black or silver.

Interactive Colour Viewer

* For technical reasons associated with the colour reproduction, the colours shown only give an indication of shade. please visit us to view the aluminium colour swatches prior to ordering.

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