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This mainstream suite of windows and doors has been the subject of continuous evolution to suit th requirements of the bulk of New Zealand home styles and locations. It is the perfect choice for most housing projects.

A complete portfolio of window and door types is offered – awning, casement, sliding, bi-folding, custom designed and overhead windows. Within each category there is scope to select specialised features. There is a thermally efficient ThermalHEART option for those climatic situations where interior comfort and full insulative effects are required.

There are door styles to suit every need, from formal entrance doors to sliders and bi-folds. Sliding doors, in particular offer a comprehensive choice, including corner sliders and double sliders. Bi-folds offer the ‘lay-back’ option for clear decks.

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Grouped under five design series – Latitude, Axis, Aquila, Classic and Plasma – the options vary from tongue-and-groove doors to clean smooth panels for a minimalist architectural look. Traditional scrolled designs are also available for the right setting and the Lindo profile for an added design feature.

Our door panels are super stable – because they’re made from aluminium they don’t swell or move in damp conditions.  The solid foam inner core for all panels supplied is also a benefit from a thermal viewpoint - the transfer of cold to the interior is greatly reduced. High resistance to forced entry is another positive.

All doors can be supplied in dual colour panels, allowing homeowners to match interior and exterior colour schemes more seamlessly.  The durable Mannex finish is generally used, a low sheen powder coat that is very resistant to marking and scuffing.

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Hardware is often one of the defining features of windows and doors. The form and function of handles and latches provide a tactile experience that can considerably enhance the appearance and usability of VANTAGE windows and doors.

Unity of design and consistency of performance shape the look and feel of the MIRO, ICON and URBO ranges of window and door hardware. Achieving a family likeness within each range was a priority; achieving excellent functionality was a requirement.

Each range has a different look to ensure varying customer tastes are catered for. There is a choice of stainless steel hardware, the ICON range, for those applications where a robust, metallic and highly durable window and door locks are required.

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The Metro Series is a stylish and versatile range of heavy duty windows and doors based on a unified and contemporary design approach.

It is suitable for residential and architectural applications in demanding environments. The Metro Series is an intermediate range positioned between VANTAGE Residential and the high-performance APL Architectural Series. As such, it combines capability and economy – serious performance with a sleek compact design. ThermalHEART option available.

Frames and profiles feature clean, flat surfaces for a modern appearance. The sliding door has an uncluttered sill rebate for a minimalist appearance. Suitable for doors to 2.4m high.

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Klima Series is an innovative range of uPVC windows and doors optimised for New Zealand conditions, based on the premium quality 76 Series by Germany’s Kömmerling group. With outstanding thermal efficiency, they are perfect when winter cold is an important consideration.

Thick, strong profiles are standard, with hidden steel bracing within the frame for shape stability and structural excellence. The Klima Series design features the same facing frame and sash format as standard New Zealand windows, with high quality weather resistance, strength and code compliance in high wind zones.

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